Monday, 22 May 2017

Otto DIY | Build Your Own Robot

Otto is a bipedal robot that kids from age 7+ and beginners can build for themselves.

Otto comes in kit form and can be assembled with just a screwdriver.  The assembly should take about 2 hours (it's always helpful when this information is given!) On can be powered via USB or battery.

There's also an option to just get the electronics and 3D print the plastic parts yourself.

Once built, Otto can walk, dance, sing and use ultrasonic sensing to detect objects.

Otto is an open source hardware project and we love the image in the campaign showing the genealogy of such robots.

(Yep, there's really a teapot robot.)

You could make Otto based on the information that has been shared, but well time. It's a lot easier to start from a kit.

The open nature of Otto means that there's plenty of opportunity for third parties to develop add-ons and extensions for the robot.

Otto is Arduino compatible and can be programmed via USB using the Arduino IDE which requires C coding so won't be accessible for younger kids.

Check out the Otto campaign on Kickstarter.

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