Monday, 8 May 2017

LittleBot: A Fun Arduino Robot for Students and Beginners

LittleBot is an Arduino-based programmable robot for children and beginners. It's designed to be a simple introduction to robotics.

LittleBot is from Slant robotics who have previously developed the LittleArm range of robot arms.

LittleBot is a 2-wheeled cuboid floor robot with ultrasonic sensors for eyes. The robot can be controlled by an Android app, put in autonomous mode or programmed with custom behaviours.

LittleBot is Arduino compatible and can be programmed with the graphic drag and drop Blockly based editor or using Arduino C code.

LittleBot is battery powered and you turn it on by plugging in the power connector so kids understand exactly what is happening. You can also take the robot apart and see what's inside.

There's a 'Plus' version available with a grabber which we know from experience is something kids want and which adds lots of scope for creating interesting projects.

There's also an 'ultra' version with additional extras. The Dozer add-on can be used in sumo-style battles between robots.

You can model and 3D print additional accessories for LittleBot which is a feature we really like. Kids get much more engaged when they can customize their tech.

Check out the LittleBot campaign on Kickstarter.

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