Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Jubilite! The Dance Party Lamp that Kids Craft and Engineer

Jubilite is a lamp kit that kids, aged 8+, assemble from parts and then decorate with stickers and pens or sparkly decorations. 

The finished lamp is a real functional battery-operated lamp that kids can use in their room once they have made it. We love kits that allow kids to make real gadgets that they can use rather than just models or toys, it really helps them understand that this really is how stuff works.

The inventors of Jubilite note that there are lots of tech kits out there that appeal to boys but far fewer that appeal to girls. This is definitely true. 

We know from our own Mover Kit Programmable Dance Light project that boys love this kind of project too. 

Once the kit is made it has three different light show modes and a colour-mixing mode where kids can learn about mixing RGB colours. 

The basic kit comes with a a dance party lamp shade which creates light effects in the room. There's also an option to get a mood shade which keeps the light glowing inside. 

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Tony Hu said...

Thanks so much for writing about our Kickstarter! I love your dance light project too!
-Tony Hu, Brainy Yak Labs

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