Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Arckit - Dream City Design Tool for Kids & Designers

If you are a regular reader of Tech Age Kids, you'll know how much we love Arckit - if not, check out all our Arckit projects!

Arckit just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to develop a modelling system to dream up your own future cityscapes. They hope kids and designers of all ages to can learn what real architects and city planners do by building with this tool. And hopefully, inspire a new generation of architects to design our future cities!

We've played a lot of Arckit and really like how you can get a building designed and built in no time at all. This new concept from Arckit, let's the designer zoom out even more and look at how building fit together in a landscape. The rapid building method lets you quickly get a feel for your designs in 3D.

Damien Murtagh, the founder of Arckit which first launched in 2014 as a tool to revolutionise architect's traditionally build models; hopes to open up architecture to more people and help people think about the environments they build and live in.

The Cityscape Kit comes with the iconic white building pieces, accentuated with a pastel colour palette and is suitable for kids from 6+.  This looks like a perfect tool to build worlds for LEGO Minifigures or other small figurines and creatures!

The Masterplan Kit is aimed at professional level designers with clear and white components and is suitable for ages 12+. This kit also includes illustrated stickers to give buildings a more realistic facade.

There's also a Masterplan Pro Kit for architects and designers working in the profession and requiring rapid model-making tools.

For more information on the kits check out the Arkcit Kickstarter Campaign.

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