Thursday, 13 April 2017

The HIDIOT: Card-sized Electronics Learning For Everyone!

The HIDIOT is a new low-cost beginner electronics board with projects to get you started. The HIDIOT is designed for a parent and children work together on or for age 11+. We love this approach and it's one we encourage. Working together with your child to learn new skills or support them is a great way to spend time.

The board requires soldering which keeps the cost down and encourages people to give soldering a go. HIDIOT is Arduino compatible which means the skills you learn are readily transferable to other devices.

You can see a sample of the HIDIOT project material which is informative and entertaining.

The HIDIOT is USB powered and can use a USB charger for portability. This makes it easier to make devices that are actually useful.

And they've included a lanyard hole. This makes us happy. Lots of beginner boards seem to forget this simple way to turn a hardware device into a wearable. Lanyards are really practical. (The HIDIOT team have previously developed a conference badge.)

The board includes prototyping areas which means you can connect up additional components in a practical way. Breadboard and crocodile clips are great for prototyping stuff but an onboard prototyping area gets you closer to a 'real' gadget. Breadboard isn't exactly wearable!

The HIDIOT name nicely combines two acronyms HID (the way USB devices communicate with a computer) and IoT (internet of things.)

We see a lot of beginner electronics boards and there's a lot to like about HIDIOT for older kids and for families who want to get into more advanced technical making. And they're based just down the road from us in Basingstoke, UK (Hi HIDIOT folks!)

Check out the HIDIOT crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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