Wednesday, 26 April 2017

STEM and STEAM YouTube Channels for Kids

We've put together a list of kid-friendly YouTube channels on STEM and STEAM topics: science, technology, engineering, arts and design, maths, robotics, coding, digital making, logical thinking ...

Have you got a child who wants to watch endless inane nonsense on YouTube? Then this post is for you. OK, it's for me. But I thought I'd share it. I've tried it and said child still sits glued to the content even if it's actually informative. Who knew?

If your child is committed to spending lots of time watching YouTube then you might as well try and subvert their tendencies and direct them towards something worth watching.

Please note: We haven't watched every video on all of these channels (we're working on it) and can't promise that you will find every video suitable for your kids. It should be mostly okay but as usual when kids are online we recommend that you remain in earshot and be ready to shout 'stop that video now' in a voice that lets your kids know you mean it. Also some of the videos may feature promotional content. And it's YouTube, ads will try and sell your kids hair regrowth products and mortgages. It's a trade-off.

Here's our list of recommended channels and playlists. There a variety to appeal to different age groups and interests from little kids to tweens and teens.

Got more suggestions? Yes please. Add them in the comments.

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