Thursday, 20 April 2017

KUMIITA – Educational programming toy

KUMIITA is a programmable robot toy from Japan. It reads commands as it drives over brightly coloured cards. 

KUMIITA doesn't require children to be able to read and can therefore be used by little kids.  

Commands include movement musical notes, coloured light changes and animal sounds and kids will be rewarded for programming a route to a goal card with sound, light and movements. 

We've seen lots of robots that teach coding to young children but this one has the youngest target age range yet: 0-3. (Follow-on products will target older kids.) We imagine the littlest ones will just be exploring cause and effect and their interaction with the robot will develop as they do.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been set up to get KUMIITA launched. KUMIITA comes from ICON Corp, a Japanese tech company. CEO Toshiko (Toshi) Tsuchiya is keen to get kids to start developing tech skills as soon as possible.

The KUMIITA Kickstarter campaign offers international shipping of rewards and because of the icon-based approach, language isn't a barrier. 

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