Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Graffiblocks - Personalising Building Blocks

Graffiblocks brings a new way of personalising building blocks to encourage creative and imaginative play. The concept is so simple, you kinda wonder "why haven't I thought of this?". Its simplicity is Graffiblocks real value. Build a structure, draw directly on the blocks, erase and draw again.

Graffiblocks is developed by two women, Liya and Talya, from Isreal, to help children change the way they think and design. The ease of drawing and erasing makes Graffiblocks a perfect tool for experimentation. If you don't like what you make, just erase it and draw something new.

The kit comes with plain white LEGO-like building blocks in four different shapes, specially developed dry-erase pens and paint, an eraser brush (Graffiraser) and scratching tool (Graffipencil). It is suitable for kids from ages 3+.

We love this idea of combining engineering, architecture, art and design in a fun playful way. Learn more about Graffiblocks on Kickstarter.

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