Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Crazy Circuits: LEGO™ Compatible Modular Electronics

Crazy Circuits is an electronics learning platform with components that fit onto LEGO bricks. They components can also be sewn and used in craft projects.

CrazyCircuits are powered by 3V coin cell batteries and the components include LEDs (regular and brick shaped), switches, buttons and sensors.  As well as individual components there's an Arduino-compatible programmable CrazyCircuits board for more advanced projects.

Rather than reinventing everything Crazy Circuits have partnered with other companies in this space and work with Circuit Scribe, Brixo, BareConductives and many more.

We're increasingly mixed and matching to get the right components for a specific projects so this looks like a great approach to getting the best of everything.

You can get CrazyCircuits in one-off kits or sign up for a regular subscription that will also include products from partners.

You can find out more in the CrazyCircuits crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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