Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Arckit Wired Lighting with a Switch

We've been continuing to add electronics to our Arckit projects, this time we've tried wiring up LEDs and a switch to create ceiling lights that can be turned on and off from within the building.

Sequins and Wire

Adafruit sequins come in a variety of colours but we chose warm white for this project for a realistic effect. See our Arckit decking project for more info on Adafruit LED sequins. 

We used the Adafruit sequins on the ceiling for the downstairs lighting. We used wire to connect two sequins in parallel, again using a switch to turn them on and off.

We attached the sequins to Arckit floor connectors using tiny adhesive pads so that they can easily be attached to the ceiling. We could 3D print a lighting cover to hide the wiring.

We included a small latching switch (one that can stay in the one or off position) so that you can turn the lights on and off from within the room. We found a switch that's quite small but easy to work with. 

This time we took the wires under the floor and connected to a coin cell battery which neatly fits underneath the building.


Wiring LEDs in parallel

Perfect fit

Adding a switch

LEDs in situ

Battery under floor


Using wires to connect up components proved to be more reliable that using conductive tape. It's much easier to get a good connection with wire. We like the way we can route the wires through the holes in the Arckit floors to get the cables to where they need to be.

We'll look at 3D printing some covers to hide the bare wires.

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