Wednesday, 1 March 2017

SwapBots - The Augmented Reality Toy & Video Game

SwapBots is a new collectable augmented reality toy that supports mixed physical and digital play. This style of play is really starting to take off. 

SwapBots toys come in three parts that can be mixed and matched to create new characters that can be brought into a game through the camera. The SwapBots can then be recognised and customised using augmented reality.

The SwapBots game combines multiple levels with mini games, problem solving and learning. We can really see the appeal of this style of mixed physical and digital gameplay for kids. The artwork is looking very cool too. 

Seen SwapBots before? Yes, we mentioned them in a previous crowdfunding roundup. They've been busy play testing and refining the concept. 

The SwapBots team are based in the UK like lots of other awesome kid tech companies

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