Tuesday, 28 March 2017

PFx Brick - Lighting and Sound for LEGO Models

PFx is a new control system for adding electronics and sound to LEGO models. It's compatible with LEGO power functions components and adds a speaker brick.

The PFx brick is powered via a LEGO Power Functions battery box. It responds to LEGO Power Functions remote controls but can trigger custom behaviour.

You can connect and control LEGO Power Functions motors and lights. Each brick can control two power functions motors and two power functions lights. There are further light outputs which are used with Light Accessory Boards to control external lights. These can be used to control either regular LEDs or PicoLEDs from Brickstuff.

One of the key features of PFx is support for audio. The PFx Brick can store and play sound effects and other audio and play them through a PFx speaker brick or other audio output device.

PFx is highly configurable through an app. You get lots of control over the way lights and motors respond to commands. There's also a USB interface API which makes custom programming a possibility.

One of the creators of PFx is Jason Alleman of JKBrickworks. We've written about (and made) some of Jason's amazing Kinectic sculptures before so we know he knows what model makers want.


Alleman has partnered with Michael Gale, a LEGO train enthusiast and hardware engineer.

You can check out the PFx Brick crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. There are various options depending on the additional components you want to choose.

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