Thursday, 16 March 2017

Oniri Islands: A Toy to Life Collaborative Game for Families

Oniri Islands is a new collaborative adventure game by Tourmaline Studios. The adventure game is an iOS app that uses two physical figurine toys as game controllers to explore the islands. They have just launched on Kickstarter and we are captivated.

Tourmaline Studios have sent us the two characters in the adventure story, Mina & Tim. They are still prototypes, but my kids thought they were brilliant. My 6 year old immediately recognised they were prototypes, as he commented: "these characters are 3D printed!"

The figurines are painted with conductive paint and the app uses your body's static electricity to turn the figurines into game controllers for the game.

There is an interesting twist - you need a friend, parent or sibling to play the game. The two characters work together to explore the island and complete missions.

We absolutely love the graphics, music and narrative. It is wonderfully written and perfectly imaginative.

Both my boys aged 6 and 8 were eager to keep playing and discover new areas in the game.

Oniri Islands is doing well to blend physical and digital game play as well as promoting families to play together. Adults, as well as kids will enjoy playing Oniri Islands.

Find out more and back the project on Kickstarter.

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