Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Nimuno Loops LEGO Tape Frees Your Bricks

Nimuno Loops is flexible tape which frees your LEGO and other toy building blocks from their traditional building applications. With Nimuno self-adhesive tape you can build a creation almost anywhere. On walls, on toys, on bikes, on almost anything. What's really interesting is, that the tape allows you to defy the laws of gravity and engineering. If you want to have a brick added in an impossible place you can snip the required length of tape, stick it to the surface and build your creation onto the tape.

Nimuno Loops is developed in South Africa by innovative toy and industrial designers at Chrome Cherry Design Studio. Nimuno Loops was inspired by their lifelong passion for playing with LEGO and experience in developing toys for kids. The company launched on Indiegogo to raise $8,000 to help wit production and other costs, but have already raised over $1mil in funding. They have definitely captured the imagination of A LOT of people.

Some perks are already sold out, but there is still others available and tape comes in Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Black and Grey. Naturally I backed the Purple Nimuno Tape! Can't wait for it to arrive in August 2017 (if everything goes to plan!)

For more information and to get your hands on some Nimuno Loops, check out their Indiegogo Campaign.

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