Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Joto The Connected Display That Draws with a Pen

Joto is a connected whiteboard that draws with a pen. We think it's a cool bit of family tech that will be fun and entertaining and might even help with our ongoing quest to organise family life.

Joto can be controlled from an app and can display line drawings. There's an option to get 365 pieces of art created for Joto by top illustrators. That's very cool. But you can also also create your own art in the Joto app. Sounds like an awesome way to show off your child's art on the wall in modern style. You can also send art to a friend's Joto - what a fab way for kids to communicate with grandparents, or for travelling parents to send a message home.

Joto also has integration with lots of services including google calendar, trello and Amazon Alexa and there's a public API for further integrations and Node-Red integration. We're always looking for ways to organise our family life. Amazon Alexa has been our biggest success so far and we're really interested in extending that with Joto.

Joto's dimensions are 390 x 505 x 120 mm, it plugs in to mains power and has Bluetooth and wifi connectivity. The pen has a dock that it returns to so that it doesn't dry out.

Lots of design thinking has gone into Joto and it looks like a great option for families that just like the idea of a display that draws for you and for more techie families who will want to get deep into the automation and come up with new stuff for Joto to do.

Check out Joto on Kickstarter.

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