Thursday, 2 March 2017

FollowGrams - The Smart Projector That Teaches How to Draw

Followgrams is a smart projector that uses tech to help kids learn to draw. It's a modern take on the idea of projecting an image onto paper so kids can trace it. We featured FollowGrams on our crowdfunding roundup page but we thought we'd take a closer look - they're really close to reaching their target. 

Unlike older solutions FollowGrams comes with a big library of images to be used in non-connected mode - they are stored on a micro SD card. And you can also use the projector in connected mode with the FollowGrams app to turn photos into projections. 

The projection head fits into the base for compact storage - something we always appreciate!

FollowGrams can be plugged into a mains outlet or powered from batteries for portability. 

It's great to see a gadget that encourages kids to keep drawing, a lot of kids stop drawing because they feel that their work isn't good enough. This looks like a great way to help them produce work they'll be proud of and encourage them to keep developing their skills. 

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