Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tenka Labs Circuit Cubes Launched

Tenka Labs have launched their new Circuit Cubes product which allows kids to get creative with technology.

Circuit Cubes are modular electronics blocks that can be used with craft materials and building bricks to make cool creations that include tech.

The initial offering keeps things simple with three different cubes: a rechargeable battery, a motor and an LED. The cubes snap together magnetically or can be connected with wires which helps kids learn the basics of circuits.

There are three Circuit Cubes kits available from launch: Whacky Wheels, Bright Lights and Smart Art. These kits each include all the parts you need to make multiple cool projects, not just the Circuit Cubes. Each kit includes one of each type of Circuit Cube but uses them in different ways.

The kits can currently be reserved at a discounted price (US shipping only) for their first edition run.

The recommended age for Circuit Cubes is 8-12. The kits look very accessible and easy to get started with. We would expect kids with a serious interest in tech to have moved on to move advanced products by the upper end of that age range, but other kids are more focused on making stuff with a bit of tech.

We love that the range of project kits will appeal to girls and boys. Adding tech into the mix is a great way to keep crafting and construction toys relevant to kids as they get older.

Find out more: Circuit Cubes Kits from Tenka Labs

Image credits: Tenka Labs

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