Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Tech Age Parenting Q & A

Tech Age Kids is a blog dedicated to helping parents prepare their kids for a positive future with technology. We're running a Q&A feature on the blog until the end of March 2017 and welcome other bloggers and content creators to join us.

We'd like to invite you to write a post on your own blog / website answering at least 5 (or more which is relevant to you) of the questions below. Find out how to take part below.

Why are we doing this? In our work, we recognise parents are faced with a potentially daunting task of bringing up kids in a digital age. We would like to create an opportunity to people to think, write and discuss about the ups and downs of raising digital natives.

How to Take Part

It's really simple. Write and publish a post on your own blog / website answering at least 5 of  THE QUESTIONS (see below) before 30 March 2017.

Add a link in your post to this article - Tech Age Parenting Q & A.

Let us know you've published a post by sending us an email ( with a link to your post or mentioning us on Twitter @techagekids using the hashtag #techageparenting 

If you’ve already covered a similar topic on your blog then you’re welcome to add a link to the relevant post and share the post with us.

If you don't have a blog / website, but would still like to take part, please join our Facebook Group - Tech Age Parents, find the question in the group posts and add your comments.

The Questions

Pick at least 5 of the following questions to write about.
  1. How does your family manage device usage or screen time? (Tablets, Phones, PCs, Consoles etc)
  2. Do you think it’s important to prepare children for future jobs, careers and lives with technology?
  3. Do your think your children know enough about how technology works?
  4. Tell us about your personal experience with technology from your childhood or as an adult.
  5. Do you feel confident to help your children develop tech skills (the T in STEM)?
  6. Do your children attend any extra-curricula tech clubs - coding, Minecraft, robotics, etc?
  7. Do you think it’s important to have tech toys and products that are designed specifically for girls?
  8. What frustrates you about tech toys, gadgets and educational products for kids?
  9. What worries you about how advances in technology will affect your children’s lives?
  10. What are your digital parenting concerns?

Follow Up

In April, we’ll also be putting together posts that deal with the topics and issues that arise from the response posts we receive. We will link to your post from our feedback posts.

Please feel free to share this post with other bloggers. The more the merrier!

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