Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Line-us: The little robot drawing arm

Line-us is a cool drawing robot that can be controlled in lots of different ways to create line drawings. It can even be programmed. 

You can send images to Line-us or get it to copy what you're drawing on screen. You can even send images remotely via Wifi. Line-us draws in the order you drew your picture on screen which is pretty cool. And it can draw the same picture over and over. 

We love that Line-us is compatible with lots of cool programming languages and hardware: "Scratch, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python and Processing or via a TCP socket." Hmm I'm sure we could come up with some cool projects. 

Line-us is magnetic and comes with a metal plate to help it draw in a notebook or on paper. You can also mount it on fridge. 

We've got craft/cutter plotters and have made fun geometric drawing machines from LEGO and robotics kits, but we think Line-us offers something a bit different. It's a nice quirky mix of human and tech. 

Line-us can get power via USB from a computer or can use a portable USB battery or power supply. 

You can check out the Line-us Kickstarter campaign which aims to get backing to develop the first 1000 devices. 

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