Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How many Valentine Hearts Can You Make with Simbrix?

Last weekend we needed a therapeutic, downtime activity as a family. It was freezing outside, so I pulled out the Simbrix box, put it on the table and started making Valentine hearts. If you've not heard of Simbrix I highly recommend you give them a try. Let's just say, I hardly ever iron little plastic beads!

Simbrix are puzzle-shaped plastic micro blocks that slot together. They come in a variety of colours and doesn't require ironing to build. Simbrix are fairly small, so make an excellent crafting product for developing fine motor skills.

It didn't take long for my kids to join me at the table. We spent hours making a variety of different heart shapes and combination models.  They challenged each other to create a variety of designs with different patterns, colours and sizes. We had to apply some design thinking to make the "flower shaped" heart patterns from individual hearts which were made first!

Do you have Simbrix? Why not try make some hearts for Valentine's Day to give to someone special.

I remembered we bought some cheap LEDs at the Poundshop (Dollar Store). The LEDs fitted perfectly into the circular hole in the Simbrix brick. The kids were so pleased with their creations. The white LED lights looked like they were different colours as the light diffused through the coloured Simbrix.

Happy Valentine's Day

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