Monday, 30 January 2017

Puzzlets | New Math and Art Connected Games

Puzzlets is a connected app game which brings physical and digital play together. Cork the Volcano, was the first Puzzlets game by Digital Dream Labs, and they are now raising funds for two more games. The new apps, Abacus Finch (a math themed game) and Swatch out (a colour theory game) use the same play tray as the coding game (Cork the Volcano).

We reviewed Cork the Volcano last year and loved the way you had to code your game play on the play tray before you could play it on the device. Read our full review of Cork the Volcano here.

We had the pleasure of play testing the Abacus Finch game. The game comes with tiles; gems, pick axes and multipliers, to solve math problems as you move through the levels. My boys, ages 6 and 8 were very engaged and motivated to move through the levels in the Abacus Finch game.

The math element of the game was fairly basic for them. If you're looking for a really fun game, where the kids hardly notice they need to do some math - Abacus Finch is a good choice. The graphics are really good and there are challenging levels to complete, including boss levels.

Puzzlets games encourage collaborative play. My boys often played together, helping each other to solve the math problem and explore the world in the level. You have the ability to create separate profiles for each child. In a house where we use a shared device it helps avoid unnecessary arguments when different people want to play the same game on their own.

Although we didn't play test the Swatch out game, it looks like a really fun way to learn about colour theory whilst playing a digital game. I love the paint tube tiles for the play tray, which you use to mix the colours in the game.

The games are already developed and available for iOS and Andriod devices. Unfortunately Puzzlets is not yet compatible with Amazon Fire tablets.

Digital Dream Labs are raising funds to manufacture the tiles for the new games, Abacus Finch and Swatch Out. Find out more about their Kickstarter Campaign.

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