Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Plezmo: Wireless Building Blocks For Coding & Creativity

Plezmo is a new range of programmable electronics components for kids and beginners. Plezmo elements are rechargeable wireless components that can be used to make electronic gadgets, toys and wearables. Just the kind of project we love!

There's a big range of Plezmo elements including motors, buttons, bulbs, buzzers, speakers, sensors and a lovely display.

We love the range of accessories for Plezmo which includes LEGO adapters, a wrist band and a clip. This is great as it means kids can quickly get from an idea to a working project without spending ages working out how to join things together or make them into a wearable.

The Plezmo app is planned for iOS and Android and will support wireless drag and drop coding of projects that use Plezmo elements. Interestingly you'll also be able to program some of our other tech toys starting with Lego® Mindstorm® EV3, Lego® WeDo 2.0, and Sphero® SPRK+.

The elements are rechargeable via a charging adapter and USB cable. But there's also an optional charging pad that you can place up to 8 elements on to charge them - this sounds really useful. It's a pain trying to get lots of devices charged when you have an awesome idea to make.

There are various different Plezmo rewards to choose from with different combinations of elements. The project hopes to start shipping in September 2017.

View the Plezmo campaign on Kickstarter.

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