Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Dress Up Cubetto with Printable Paper Costumes

We've recently reviewed Cubetto, a cute wooden robot to help young kids (preschoolers) come to grips with coding concepts. During our review, we thought the blank canvas (simple wooden block robot) was beckoning to be decorated.

Cubetto is developed with a Montesorri philosophy in mind, where children learn best by doing, through hands-on play and independent development. So, we designed some printable costumes which kids can easily decorate for Cubetto.

I spent a bit of time creating a template that will fit snug on Cubetto. When we decorated Cubetto over Christmas, we stuck our decoration directly onto the robot with sticky tape. My kids didn't want to destroy it. The paper costumes, I designed, can easily be be taken off without damaging their costume decoration.

My son was off school for a day feeling poorly, and helped colour in three different costumes. He is 6 and cut out and assembled one of the costumes all by himself too. Over Christmas, he also decorated a blank template with lots of Christmas pictures and messages.

The templates are available for download and for personal and educational use only. Please respect our copyright of these templates.

Blank Templates

The paper costumes are designed to fit snug around the wooden Cubetto robot.

Use the blank templates to create your own costumes for Cubetto. If you use cardboard, you can use white glue and attach all sorts of craft materials, like feathers, jewels and tissue paper.

The printable template (Download Here), can be cut out with scissors or send the Silhouette template to the craft cutter.

Themed Templates

We made 4 different themed templates. All can be printed on a standard A4 size paper / card. The Directional costume needs to be printed in colour. When we first reviewed Cubetto, we added coloured arrows on top, to indicate direction for the red and yellow blocks.

The other themed templates include a city car, Egyptian chariot and spacecraft.

How to Make

You will need A4 paper / card, scissors, sticky tape and colouring pens / pencils to make the Cubetto costumes. You could also get the kids to decorate the templates with jewels, feathers, pompoms, and more.

Print out your template, colour it in and then cut out with scissors.

Turn the template upside down and fold inwards along all the lines.

Use sticky tape to secure the flaps and create the box.

Slide the costume over Cubetto and you're ready to play.

To access the Cubetto printable templates Click Here.

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