Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Toyji: Physical Toys that Control Digital Characters

Toyji is a new gameboard and smart toy system that allows kids to play with physical toys that control what happens on screen in an app. The first applications for Toyji target young children from age 3+.

Lots of parents worry that their children don't spend enough time playing with physical toys. The digital world has such a strong pull. Toyji is part of a growing trend to combine the physical and the digital so kids get the benefits of both.

This combination of physical and digital can be really effective when done well. (See our recent reviews of Puzzlets, Osmo and Beasts of Balance.)

The main game in the Toyji starter pack is Farmhouse, an a virtual pet simulation. There's also an introductory coding game as an optional extra in which kids code using Toyji toy bases. 

Toyji are currently looking for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. You can view the Toyji campaign for more details. 

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