Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Pixel Art Tapestry Project with Teknikio Star LED

Teknikio make lovely shaped sewable LEDs to add to craft projects. Back in the summer they sent us some star-shaped LEDs and we couldn't resist adding one to the top of our pixel Christmas tree tapestry project.

As part of our Christmas advent, we created pixel designs to made Christmas decoration using different medium. For this project we sewed a small tapestry using the Christmas tree pixel design.

Materials Needed

For this project you will need:

  • Plastic canvas base (more info)
  • Christmas tree pixel design (download design)
  • Tapestry thread
  • Needle, scissors
  • Conductive thread
  • Teknikio star LED
  • Teknikio battery holder
  • Coin cell battery

Teknikio Electronic Kits are available on Amazon or the Teknikio Online Shop

How to Make

First make your tapestry by following the pixel design pattern. We added a banded background. The tapestry stitch is a single stitch all going in the same direction. (Cross stitch you'll add another stitch in the opposite direction to make a cross shape)

To add the LED you need to sew a battery holder onto the back of the tapestry. Use conductive thread to sew the negative point of the battery holder to the negative point on the star LED. Now cut the thread and sew the two positive points together. Make sure there is no cross over between the two side.

Pop a coin cell battery into the battery holder and your LED should light up. We didn't add a switch to this project. See our cross stitch project which includes a switch and LEDs in parallel.

About Teknikio

Teknikio make electronic kits and components to inspire making and tinkering with design and technology. In the summer we played with their origami set, which is a great little kit that combines papercraft with electronics.

We absolutely love the star, heart and diamond shaped LED components made by Teknikio. It's great that you can take projects apart and make something else with your components - everything is reusable!

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