Wednesday, 14 December 2016

OKULARION: Wireless Mixed Reality Headset

OKULARION  is a new mixed reality headset designed by John Wiacek, an educator and video game developer. It will allow developers to create mixed reality content that places digital content into the real world. OKULARION a Kickstarter project looking to gain crowdfunding to go into production.

Unlike most of the virtual reality and augmented reality headsets designed for consumers OKULARION is an all-in-one device that has its computing capability built in rather than requiring a phone or PC.

OKULARION has two hand-held controllers that have motion sensors to allow interaction as well as controls on the headset.

No age recommendations are given for the headset yet, but it's interesting that it's demonstrated by children and much of the content is child-friendly- comic book characters coming to life, flash cards coming to life, games, 3D views of block-based models to augment building 2D instructions. The headset is also adjustable for different users - very important when it comes to younger users. (Many current VR headsets are not recommended for children under 12 or 13.)

OKULARION is intended to retail for $300 with lower prices available to backers. For comparison the developer edition of the Microsoft Hololens is around $3000 and focused on business customers intially. The OKULARION Kickstarter awards include the development kit so third parties can develop content for the headset. A set of apps will be available for the headset at launch. 

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