Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Last Minute Tech Christmas Gifts for Kids

Left it until the last minute to get a Christmas gift for a kid who loves tech? Don't worry, we've got lots of ideas that they'll love and they won't even realise that you didn't have it all sorted ages ago.

Digital content works really well as a last minute gift as it can be delivered instantly. You could choose an eBooks or a fun course to learn new skills.

Subscriptions that arrive throughout the year also work well and if you're really stuck then a customised electronic gift voucher shows that you've put thought into the gift and allows the recipient to choose something they'll really appreciate.

An electronic gift card also works well for tech gifts when you're not quite sure which console they have or whether your idea will be compatible.

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription makes a great gift as it arrives throughout the length of the subscription, not just once. You might be able to pick up a copy of the current edition from a local store with the subscription starting from the next issue.

More magazine subscription ideas (US)

Activity Subscription

Activity subscriptions are a good way to spread gift-giving throughout the year. Kids will probably appreciate your gift much more when it arrives after the excitement of the holidays has died down.

Here are a few tech-themed ideas for subscription gifts:

  • BitsBox is a subscription service that teaches kids to code. It uses a colourful web-based interface packed with cool graphics.

    Kids also receive a subscription box that contains physical goodies that tie in with the included projects.
  • Kiwi Crate offer a range of activity subscriptions for young makers including the STEM-themed Tinker Kit for tweens and teens aged 9-16.
  • Save 40% Off Your First Box at Steve Spangler Science
    Steve Spangler sells fantastic science kids and also offers a subscription service for regular science deliveries throughout the year. There's a range of different science subscriptions to suit different budgets.

    The experiments are designed for children and younger teens ages 7 to 14.


You can buy eBooks as gifts. I'm a big fan of eBooks. They don't take up storage space and you can easily take them with you when you go away. 

You can get digital picture books for little kids and chapter books for older kids. Note that you can read Kindle books on a smart phone or tablet as well as a Kindle ereader and there's also a browser app that can be used to read on PCs and laptops. 

You can either have the eBook gift claim code emailed to your address and then share it with the recipient or you can have it emailed direct to the recipient or their parent. 

We've picked a few tech highlights here, but obviously there are lots of books to choose from. 

Gift Voucher

If all else fails, an Amazon gift voucher is the way to go. Then they'll be able to choose something awesome that they will really appreciate.

You can get printable Amazon gift certificates that you can print out and put inside a card. You can even upload a custom photo to make a personalised gift certificate to print.

You can also get an Amazon eGift card emailed or texted to a young person or to their parents for younger kids. Again, you can customise with a photo. Or you can choose a fun animation to include in the card.

Amazon Gift Cards: US | UK

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