Tuesday, 22 November 2016

QuadBot: Learn 3D Printing, Robots and Electronics

QuadBot is a new robot designed by EngiMake to create the next generation of makers. QuadBot is an Arduino-compatible jointed four-legged walking robot. 

The idea is that students or beginners will 3D print the robot parts, assemble the electronics and parts and then program the robot, developing a wide range of hands-on maker skills as they do so. There are learning resources to take you through assembling and programming QuadBot.

QuadBot can be programmed in the Arduino C++ environment or the blocks based ArduBlock language. This means that fledgling roboticists will develop useful skills

QuadBot has a rechargeable battery and wireless Bluetooth communication is available as an optional extra. 

What's really different about QuadBot is that EngiMake have explained the tools they used to design QuadBot and the design is open source so you can customise it as your skills develop.

The 3D models for QuadBot parts are open so you can customise your robot which is very appealing. EngiMake used Autodesk Fusion 360 (it's free for students and educators.) If you don't want to print the parts yourself you can choose a kit with them included.

QuadBot four-legged design looks like it offers lots of potential for going beyond the basics and building a very cool robot. 

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