Wednesday, 16 November 2016

PocketLabs Bluetooth Sensors with Scratch Support

PocketLabs are small devices packed with sensors that you can use in science and technology experiments and projects. You can connect via Bluetooth to display live data on a phone, tablet or PC or you can store readings on the device.

The devices are small and have a rugged case so you can put them inside experiments and attach them to things. This is a very hands-on way of learning about science, technology and data. These are incredibly important skills for modern children to develop.

PocketLabs launched their first version back in 2015 and now they're back on Kickstarter with two new PocketLabs. The PocketLab Voyager has a wide range of environmental and motion sensors whereas the PocketLab Weather focuses on just weather data.

Our favourite feature of PocketLabs is that you can interact with them using the Scratch programming environment. This makes data accessible to younger children and builds on their coding skills. There's also an open Bluetooth interface so there's lots of scope for custom projects.

There are also Starter kits that included accessories to help you get started with your PocketLab.

Find out more about PocketLabs on Kickstarter.

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