Thursday, 17 November 2016

Oomiyu Papercraft Robotic Owl

**Project Cancelled by Creator 17 December 2016**
Oomiyu is a new Kickstarter project that combines two of our favourite things: papercraft and programmable electronics. Oomiyu comes from Two Bit Circus, the folks behind STEAM Carnival

Oomiyu is a cute owl which has a choice of three different designs to appeal to a variety of makers. The skeleton of the robot is made from cardboard.

The owl's brain is an Arduino 101 board. Oomiyu comes with a variety of inputs and outputs to make it come to life. There will be a custom Bluetooth app to control the robot pet. It will also be possible to program behaviours via Arduino for more advanced makers.

Customization of Oomiyu is encouraged. This is just the kind of mix of craft and tech that gets my kids interested in making.

If you already have the electronics components and just want the papercraft parts then there's a pledge option for that too.

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