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Cyber Monday Deals for Kid Tech 2016

Black Friday is gone, but there are still opportunities to bag a bargain - It's Cyber Monday! Many retailers have exclusive deals just for this day. We're also posting lightning deals on Twitter - #UKdeals (from Amazon UK) | #USdeals (from Amazon USA)
This year we're looking out for as many deals in kid Tech and STEM toys, games and kits.

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Throughout today and the next few days we'll keep the pages up to date with the latest deals in products we love and have reviewed here at Tech Age Kids.

If you haven't quite decided what gifts to buy, do your research now. We've carefully curated a selection of tech and STEM toys and products for creative digital maker kids - from the little ones to the teens.

Check out our Top Picks, Product Reviews and Gift Guides for gift ideas. (It's very likely you'll be able to pick up a bargain this weekend with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!)

Below is a list of all the products we are looking out for, most we've written detailed reviews and many are included in our gift guides.


  • Sphero | Review - What Sphero is best for our Family?
  • Make Wonder's Dash & Dot | Review - Great for young coders with lots of content
  • Makeblock's mBot | Review - One of favourite programmable robots for kids
  • LEGO Mindstorms | Review - Great for techie kids into LEGO 
  • Cubelets | Robot construction Kit
  • Coji | Review - For the kid that loves Emojis and Messaging - yepp it's programmable!
  • Code & Go Robot Mouse | Review - Upgrade that Bee Bot! Great for education, primary / elementary school
  • Coder MiP | Review - Amazing balancing tech, programmable with app
  • Thames & Cosmos' Geckobot | Included in Top Tech Gift Guide - Arduino compatible
  • Cosmo | New programmable robot from Anki
  • Ozobot | Review - Tiny line following robots, programmable and brilliant for kids.
  • Code-a-pillar | Review - Introduce preschooler to coding, fun and robust
  • Codeybot | Programmable via a blockly-based app, pre-built robot from Makeblock
  • Zoomer Chimp | Review - the funnest robot out there for Christmas, plus it's really really smart too

Electronics Kits

  • littleBits Electronics Kit | Review - electronics kits for maker kits, brilliant introduction to electronics and advanced programming, lots of kits to choose from, great projects & content
  • Sam Labs Electronics Kit | Review - wireless electronic blocks, programmable, different kits
  • Makey Makey | Review - Turn anything into a keyboard, a must have for maker kids
  • Piper | Included in the Summer School Kits List - Make your own computer with Raspberry Pi

Construction & Building Kits

  • K'Nex | Review - STEM focussed construction kits for boys and girls
  • Roominate | Review - great kit for budding architects or interior designers
  • Goldieblox | Review - construction kit for girls to inspire future engineers
  • Magformers | Featured in our Gift Guide for Preschoolers - Magnetic building shapes to create many different 3D structures.
  • Zoob | Review - click together plastic pieces to make all sorts of creations

Connected Toys and Games

  • Osmo | Review - brilliant connected toy for families with iPad
  • Bloxels | Review - make retro video games with a physical pixel board
  • Hatchimals | Included is Robot Pets for 2016 List - It's a surprise, hatch a creature and look after it


  • Robolink | great introduction to coding and drones for teens, 
  • Lumi | Review - programmable drone that connects with a tablet
  • AirBlock | Kickstarter - modular and programmable drone from one of our favourite suppliers - Makeblock


  • VTech Smartwatch | Review - The 2nd generation DX had a pedometer, calendar feature and calculator, 
  • Kurio Watch | Wearable smartwatch that feels like a grown-up one, but is specially made for kids

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