Monday, 17 October 2016

MODI: Modular Electronics with Drag and Drop Coding

Luxrobo's MODI modular electronics components allow you to create Internet of Things and robotics projects to automate your home and make cool custom gadgets.

The MODI components connect together with magnets and are LEGO compatible so you can mount them on LEGO base boards and incorporate them into LEGO projects. The modules can communicate wirelessly and can be powered by a battery block so they don't need to be connected to a computer.

There are lots of different MODI modules including motors, speakers, buttons, dials, RGD LEDs and sensors.

Luxrobo hope that MODI will be used by beginners and hobbyists at home and also in education. Additional modules are also planned to extend the range.

We love products that allow beginners to quickly get hands on and build useful (or just fun!) gadgets so they can find out how enjoyable it is to make stuff with tech.

MODI is available to back on Kickstarter with a variety of package sizes.

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