Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lairytales: Wickedly wonderful stories for creative kids

Lairytales are app and book based stories that helps kids discover language and storytelling through laughter. My kids would find these stories extremely funny, especially with all the "naughty" words in the books and app content.

Each Lairytale includes prompts and discussion points, mixed with suggestions for dialling up the fun with lots of physical silliness, like raspberry-blowing contests and snore-offs. The key point is that you and your child laugh and learn together.

The idea that Lairytales is available as an app AND physical book is very appealing. Sometimes you want a choice which medium you'd like to use. Lairytales hope to build app games in the future and enable kids to make their own products, creating and making their own Lairy.

Find out more about Lairytales on Kickstarter.

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