Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Snuggle Down with Torchlight Tales Bedtime Book

Torchlight Tales is a charming bedtime story enhanced by the power of your smartphone torch and card cutouts. Handmade in Somerset, the English countryside, this light and shadow show brings storytime to life for little people.

The designs are beautiful, and we love the ethos behind the creation. The blend of old and new technology is innovative and creative.

A patent-pending sliding bracket hidden in the book, allowed you to attach your smartphone with a suction cup. You can even attach an old fashioned torch! As you turn the page, the panel pops up showing the shadow pictures created by the light. The panels are made using a lazer cutter - another use of technology!

Learn more about the story and inventor, Mike Alderton, on Kickstarter.

See Torchlight Tales on Kickstarter

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