Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Michael Faraday with a Motorised Circuit Scribe Bow-tie

Michael Faraday created the first electric motor. We like to celebrate important people from tech history and Faraday is perfect for our Electroninks Circuit Scribe interactive photos series.

Circuit Scribe allows you to create electrical circuits using reusable magnetic components and electronic ink. It's great for creating projects to mount on a metal fridge or notice board.

This project demonstrates how to use the Circuit Scribe motor component (see what we did there!) Modern electric motors can trace their history back to Faraday's first electric motor apparatus.

By a happy coincidence Faraday regularly wore a bow-tie so we couldn't resist giving him a spinning motorised bow-tie.


The picture we found also shows Faraday holding a pair of spectacles so we incorporated those as a switch.

Here's the circuit layout that you'll need to draw with a Circuit Scribe pen. Use the stencil to get the positioning right.

The magnetic glasses came from a set that we had. We added aluminium tape to the back to make them conductive. You could make your own by cutting the shape from a magnetic sheet (with a craft knife or craft cutter.) Or you could make spectacles from conductive wire and add magnets to them. Or you can just omit the switch as there's a small switch on the Circuit Scribe battery module anyway.

Note that you can flip the motor by 180 degrees to make it spin in the other direction.

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