Thursday, 22 September 2016

Fix your Tech with Sugru's New Rebel Tech Kit

Sugru is like playdough that can glue everything (well nearly everything) together. The mouldable glue comes in a variety of colours, in 8 packs or 3 packs. They have a number of kits, which make great gifts. The new Tech Rebel Kit from Sugru is a perfect little stocking filler or office party gift. Everyone has something they need to fix. And the booklet with ideas included is well worth a read (it's so funny). Sugru is available from the Sugru Store.

Disclaimer: Sugru sent us the Rebel Tech Kit to try out at home. As always our opinions are our own.

What's in the Box?

The Rebel Tech Kit, comes in a descent size box and inside you'll get an Ideas Booklet, a tin, 4 sachets of Sugru (white, silvery grey, black and white) and a remover pic. Well done Sugru, finally a product that provides a tin for storage. The tin is really cute and perfectly houses your left over Sugru, which needs to live in the fridge or freezer to last longer.

We love the packaging and think it will make a perfect gift for a teen, student or any adult. The Tech Rebel Kit will retail at £10 and will be available from the 5th of October.

Fix Anything

I have to admit, I seldom get any reaction out of my teen, but when I showed him the Sugru Rebel Tech Kit, he thought it was brilliant. He particularly loved the ideas to accessorise your gaming control and fixing his cables with the Sugru to make them last longer.

Sugru is really fun to use, but it is not a toy. Sugru is not yet suitable for kids, but we're hoping they will make something for kids soon!

It's pretty cool stuff, it's mouldable, waterproof, heat resistant, cold resistant, flexible, grippy, strong and durable. If you have anything that's broken, before you throw it away and add to our huge environmental problem, consider fixing it with Sugru. Learn more about Sugru.

Store it in the Fridge

Top tip to keep your Sugru in top condition and make is last even longer - store it in the fridge. Using the handy tin, that came with the Rebel Tech Kit, the Sugru lives in our fridge waiting for another thing to fix!

Our Makes

Sugru doesn't just have to be for fixing stuff. You can also make stuff. I've been wanting to make some costumes for our little Ozobots for a while. So here you have it, our new Sugru costumes for our tiny robot friends.

We used the silicon cover that comes with Ozobot, and added some bling with Sugru

 We used a black suction cup and added a googly eye with some Sugru to make our Alien Ozobot.
We covered Ozobot in some cling film and designed a punk headset using Sugru.

Punk Bot with Sugru

Once the Sugru has cured, the punk headset makes a black Ozobot look like a punk. Now that we've made this, we got lots of ideas to make more costumes for Ozobot. Check back again soon for updates or sign up to our mailing list, so you never miss a post.

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