Monday, 12 September 2016

Boolean Box - a Technology Discovery Kit for Girls

Boolean Box is a new project looking for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It combines a Raspberry Pi 3 mini computer with accessories, electronics components and educational content to create a package designed to get girls interested in coding and technology.

The Boolean Box features a case, keyboard, mouse and power supply, and it also includes the electronics components you need to get started with controlling hardware which looks really useful - it's often tricky for parents to figure out exactly what's needed.

There are online Boolean Girl Scratch projects that can be completed with the kit and further content will be included with rewards as an eBook.

It's a shame that it's seen as necessary to offer different tech to boys and girls but making tech appealing to a broader range of kids is important.

Awards including the Boolean Girl kit start from a $99 pledge for a US only Early Bird, other kits are available to ship internationally.

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