Thursday, 28 July 2016

Diagonal and 3D Designs with Simbrix

We regularly play Simbrix as a family and recently discovered innovative ways to build new designs - 3D structures and working with diagonals. In this quick post we'll show you how to get started.

Simbrix is a brilliant tool to practice design thinking. We've reviewed these hama-bead-like puzzle pieces and think they make a fab downtime, screenless activity for kids.

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Simbrix on the Diagonal

Tracy discovered you can create designs on the diagonal by fitting the corner of a Simbrix into the concave part of the Brix. See the picture below.

New possibilities open up when you mix up diagonal and straight on design. We made a few designs to give you some ideas. Why don't you have a try and post your creations on the Simbrix Fan Page.

A carrot by 8 year old

The Garden Collection: Flowers, Fish Net and Shed

Simbrix in 3D

We've also discovered you can build 2D Simbrix into 3D structures with some innovative thinking. By off setting the Simbrix you can build them up into 3D shapes. See the picture below.

You can also use toothpicks / skewers pushed through the middle hole of the Simbrix to provide structure for your 3D designs. The house below, design by Tracy's 9 year old, uses the 3D and diagonal method to create a simple 3D house.

3D House by 9 year old

Simbrix 2D Templates

We've custom designed Simbrix templates which allow you to build on top of the picture. It is much easier for younger kids to build their pixelart creation on top of the template. They can match their creation with the design as they go along, making it much easier to build.


Older kids can count out the number of Brix required based on the pixels in the picture they are creating. Simply search for "pixel art" to find a wealth of ideas to make with Simbrix.

Our blank template allows kids to design their own pictures on paper first and then build with Simbrix.

To download and print Simbrix inspiration sheets and a blank design template Click Here.

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