Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Amazon Launchpad Kickstarter Collection with lots of our Favourite Kid Tech

Amazon have announced the Launchpad Kickstarter Collection and they have included lots of our favourite kid tech products. Here at Tech Age Kids we love to follow the latest in children's technology through from a crowdfunding campaign to a successful product.

We recently put together a list of awesome crowdfunded kid tech products that we had backed. It's great to see Amazon highlighting some fab products that have their roots in crowdfunding.

Here our our top picks from Amazon's new Kickstarter Collection:

  1. MaKey MaKey is one of our favourite kid tech products, read Why we Still love MaKey MaKey for more details. 
  2. The Piper Computer kit combines a Raspberry Pi computer with Minecraft themed activities to teach kids about coding and physical computing. Piper recently made it onto our STEM summer school at home list
  3. The Kano Computer Kit offers a less expensive Raspberry Pi based computer kit which includes a keyboard. Another STEM summer school at home list entry. 
  4. SAM Labs modular electronics is a favourite of ours and regular on the blog. My younger son loves making contraptions from SAM Labs. Read our SAM Labs review
  5. The MudWatt Energy from Mud kit made it onto our summer favourites list
  6. Both Roominate and GoldieBlox which encourage girls to explore engineering and construction make the list. We reviewed GoldieBlox back in 2013. 
  7. The Strawbees straw construction kit also makes the list, we once made a huge Strawbees dome filled with glow sticks to make it glow. 
  8. MOSS electronics launched a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2013 and have some great snap together electronics that make it easy to experiment with electronics. 

You can check out the full list Amazon Launchpad Kickstarter Collection which includes some great family tech.

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