Wednesday, 29 June 2016

BoseBuild Speaker - Discover how your world works

Audio equipment company Bose have announced the BoseBuild Speaker, a buildable real bluetooth speaker that teaches kids about audio technology.

This is a fantastic idea, rather than just having kids build a toy, they get to use what they have built. The BoseBuild range has the tagline "discover how your world works", which really capture the purpose of a product like this.

A few years ago the BigShot camera allowed kids to see how a digital camera works and build one for themselves, now Bose have given the speaker the same treatment.

As a parent I love tech products like this that enable kids to build something useful. It means that there's a very concrete connection between what they learn and everyday tech. This link is re-enforced every time the use the product. It also means that I don't have another kit to find storage space for after they have worked through it!

Bose have also said that "When fully assembled, the Speaker Cube is a high-performance Bluetooth speaker that provides the same quality sound you’ve come to expect from Bose." (Bose Build Speaker FAQ) So you won't need to pretend that what your kids have made is awesome!

We particularly like that Bose have released a 'Behind the Scenes' video in which Lee Zamir, Director, Bose Build explains how the product came to exist.

"discover how your world works"

It's true, most modern kids don't know how a speaker works. We do a lot of work with electronics but tend to just plug in a speaker. And speakers are a pretty neat bit of technology. 

The BoseBuild Speaker has an accompanying app and comes with 15 activities for kids to complete to learn how speakers work, and ultimately to build a real speaker. This includes experimenting with a paper speaker using a magnet and coil, before assembling and customizing the actual speaker.

Bose have demonstrated that they understand their target audience by including coloured LEDs and a customisable cover. 

The RRP for the BoseBuild Speaker is $149 and available to order in the US. 

Bose have said that the speaker cube is recommended for children age 8+ which looks about right to us. Lots of younger children would enjoy this as a family project and with the Bose name it's cool enough for tweens and teens. The activities are repeatable so multiple family members will be able to work through them which is a great feature. 

One thing to note is that the speaker does need to be plugged in to a mains socket (it's not rechargeable.)

The app that takes kids through the activities is currently iOS only (see compatibility list) but the resulting Bluetooth speaker can be used with any device that supports Bluetooth 3.0 or higher and there's also a wired 3.5mm audio-jack option. 

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