Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Big Day In Event with Minecraft and Meltdowns

It's always great fun to support our local community and inspire kids to get creative with technology. We volunteered at the Big Day In event with Aspergers Adventures - Minecraft and Meltdowns - a support group for families navigating Asperger and Autism.

The range of activities were well thought through, with something to suite everyone. From quiet chill out spaces to busy building activities, giant board games and creative tech workshops. Families enjoyed a relaxed environment for children to meet friends and play on their terms.

Tech Age Kids ran two workshops, a pixel art, "Come Play with Simbrix" and Minecraft acvtivities with Bee-Bots and Beemat voice recorders. (We'll write about these activities soon.)


Simbrix make a brilliant "calm afternoon" activity which build fine motor skills, creativity and concentration.

Some kids sat at the Simbrix activity table for well over an hour.

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Simbrix is available on Amazon USA | UK.

Bee-Bot Voice Recorders

BeeMat Voice Recorders are simple devices that work with the old-style Bee-Bots. At the event we set them up to work with the Bee-Bots as a Minecraft themed animal hunt and a simple voice recording activity to craft some Minecraft recipes. (write-up coming soon)

The devices are perfect for events, schools and libraries, as they require little set-up, work well with cheap batteries and don't require WiFi, mains power or a computer to work. Some kids at Big Day In, returned several times to the Bee-Bot activity, manuevouring robots around the grid.

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We'd like to say a big thank you to Aspergers Adventures for having us at their Big Day In event!

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