Monday, 9 May 2016

ThingMaker Brings 3D Printing to Kids

Update: 28th September 2016. Mattel have announced that the ThingMaker 3D printer will not ship until 2017. Engadget have reported that the delay is to ensure that the product and its supporting app and content will be high quality.

ThingMaker 3D is now available to pre-order from Amazon with a planned ship date of October 15th 2016.

ThingMaker is a 3D printer for families made by Mattel. Tech Age Kids first saw ThinkMaker at the New York Toy Fair and it is now available on Amazon for pre-order (shipping in the fall of this year).

Mattel has taken its "ThingMaker" from the 60s and given it a Tech Age upgrade, bringing to market a consumer 3D printer for kids to design and print their own toys. ThingMaker is intended to be used independently by teens aged 13 and up. The toys it produces are safe for younger children.

ThingMaker is perfect for families who want to get into making, but maybe a bit daunted by more technical 3D printers. We think it will be a popular on-ramp to the maker community. I think a lot of parents and older siblings will enjoy making toys for younger family members. And teens will find ways to make cool custom stuff.

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