Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Star Wars Tech and Science for Kids

Need some ideas getting Star Wars fans engaged in some real-world tech and science? Star Wars is a brilliant theme for engaging girls and boys in STEM subjects. It's packed with cool tech and droids that interact with humans.

We're posting this on May the 4th (be with you ...) but these ideas are fun all year round. Star Wars

Let's start with some Star Wars themed coding for kids. are doing a fantastic job of making coding really accessible to children. They've got some brilliant brand tie-ins including Star Wars - Building a Galaxy with Code.

Kids get to program Star Wars characters including BB-8 to solve puzzles. It's very guided so kids can be independent. There's a blocks-based version for age 6+ and a JavaScript version for age 10+.

Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Kits

Uncle Milton have a range of science-themed kits for kids to build. This multi-color lightsaber room light comes as a kit for kids to assemble and learn some electronics basics.

The lightsaber has a remote control, a choice of 9 colours and of course sound effects. The finished lightsaber can be wall-mounted to act as a room light so you actually end up with something useful (rather than more stuff to store away somewhere!)

Star Wars Maths Workbooks

Do you know a Star Wars fan who either loves maths or needs a bit of extra encouragement?

The Star Wars Workbook series offer maths worksheets for young kids to work through with Star Wars characters featuring throughout.

The series gets excellent reviews. Having a Sith Lord teach kids place value is sure to keep their attention.

Revell Build and Play Millenium Falcon

Future engineers will enjoy assembling this Episode 7 Millenium Falcon. The kid comes is parts that kids need to snap together.

The kit even comes with electronics to add to the model. The finished model has light and sound features and can be played with.

This model is for kids aged for 6 up but Revell also make other Star Wars themed models for a range of ages. 

Sphero BB-8

You knew this would be on the list, right? Sphero's awesome BB-8 droid is packed with cool tech, and it's still being updated, there's the recent Watch with Me feature for The Force Awakens and the upcoming gesture wristband.

But our favourite feature is that you can actually program BB-8 with Sphero's SPRK app. This means that kids can learn to code using BB-8. That's pretty neat!

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