Wednesday, 11 May 2016 - Scratch-Inspired Textual Language for the Internet of Things is a text-based programming language that has been inspired by Scratch. I find that the move from Scratch to text-based languages isn't tricky primarily because of the textual aspect it's because the level of abstraction often isn't right for the tasks kids are doing, and yes lots of those are IoT and microcontroller projects. aims to address this with a multi-threaded event-based language for developing Internet of Things applications.

There have been textual versions of Scratch, but takes a fresh look the problem with a focus on hardware. It's not clever to have to write (or read) 5 lines of code where one would do! will support popular microcontrollers including Arduino. The team behind have strong credentials and experience taking tech to young people. is running a pre-campaign on Kickstarter to get early adopters using the language and gather feedback. You can sign up to be an early adopter on the Kickstarter page (I have.) 

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