Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Mayku FormBox Brings the Factory to Your Desktop

Mayku is on a mission to bring the ability to make factory grade products into your home. FormBox is the first of four factory machines designed to fit on your desktop, turning anyone into a designer and maker.

Mayku launched their Kickstarter Campaign with Formbox. They hope FormBox will “Do for making,what the Mac did for home computing”

Formbox is a desktop mold-maker, using the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. With a footprint of no bigger than an average laptop, FormBox heats up plastic sheets to create 3D shapes in seconds. The FormBox is 458mm wide and 300mm high with a making space of 200mm by 240mm. It's not meant for making large objects but it is versatile and compatible with a range of different types of plastics. Once you've made your mold there's lots of materials you can use to cast your objects, from ice, to chocolate to concrete.

The Kickstarter FormBox Kit comes with 30 sheets of plastic in a variety of colours, a universal vacuum connector and get started kit.

Mayku also created a library to help you get started with project ideas and inspirations, as well as full operations instructions.

The ability to make things at home, allows makers, creatives, small business owners and tinkerers to make and test their ideas on short runs, without sending designs to other parts of the world to be made.

Mayku was founded by entrepreneur designers, Alex Smilansky and Benjamin Redford, and backed by the Design Council and Innovate UK.

“Learning through making and experimentation will be education's legacy for the first half of this century, and Mayku are leading the way in making that possible.” Tom Tobia - co-Founder Makerversity

Tech Age Kids, share the same values, encouraging kids and families to explore, experiment and make using tech and digital resources. Mayku, is paving a way for modern families to become innovators in our digital age.

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