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Family Board Games with a STEM Theme

Board games are brilliant tools to spend some quality time together as a family. Children, more than anything, love playing with their parents and board games can offer engaged fun for the whole family. It's really important to choose a board game that is age appropriate so that kids remain interested and can achieve success in the game.

Today we are celebrating Board Games with the NSPCC to help raise awareness of the work they do to help children across the UK. It's simple. All you need to do is get together with friends, family or colleagues and play your favourite board games. Play Your Part.

With literally thousands of board games on the market it can be daunting to know what to choose. Here at Tech Age Kids, we've have out together a list of STEM themed family board games.

The World Fairs of the late 19th century exhibited new technology and discoveries to the world. World Fair 1893 Card Game, successfully funded on Kickstarter, celebrates this era of curiosity and innovation. The game is designed for 2 - 4 players aged 10 and up showcasing the spectacular international exhibition of many great achievements in science, technology, culture, and entertainment and the Chicago World Fair in 1893.


There are many science themed boards games with a focus on biology, chemistry and physics. We particularly liked...

Science Ninjas: Valence Antimatter MattersOperation Escape Evil
Players: 2-5
Age: 8+
Game: Valence uses simple math, colours and cartoon ninjas to teach kids chemistry.
Game Time: 10 - 25min
Players: 2-6
Age: 11+
Game: Collect the right elementary particles to create an atom.
Game Time: 45min
Players: 2-4
Age: 10+
Game: Collect chemicals to make a potion to escape from an evil master's prison
Game Time: 45 - 90 min

For younger players we like...

Learn all about our wonderful world of insects, some beautiful and some a bit gross. My boys love playing this game and learning about the creepy crawlies. Aimed at kids 5 and older for up to 4 players.


There is a growing number of board games with a technology theme including games that teach kids and teens coding concepts. A new game (currently only available in the USA) Coding Farmers is proving very popular. It's for 7 years plus and aims to teach children to learn Java and programming concepts in a fun way. Coding Farmers was a Kickstarter project and was made by kids for kids.

Phone Phever RoboRally Code Master
Players: 3 or more
Age: 13 +
Game: Players match both wits and smartphone skills in this new fast-paced and family-friendly party game
Game Time: varies
Players: 2 - 8 players
Age: 12 +
Game: A frenzied race filled with computer driven chaos!
Game Time: 1 hour
Players: Single player
Age: 8+
Game: Teaches basic to complex coding concepts
Game Time: varies


Lift it

Lift It, is a cooperative game challenging families to create structures with the Lift It! crane. Aimed at players 8+ it's a new game that will test your engineering skills, in a fun and active way.


City of Zombies Math

City of Zombies gets players to become heros, battle zombies, save survivors and escape the city whilst getting kids to do math without realising it. It's just the sort of game my boys would love. A Plant vs Zombies crossed with a numbers game, suited to players with mixed abilities and can work with ages 5+. The cooperative play mean players can share ideas and learn from each other.


UNO is an absolute all time favourite in our house, and I remember playing it many many times as a child. My kids love it now and we make up our own family rules. UNO games can go on for hours, as we build rules up, you have to keep your wits. It's brilliant for number recognition for younger players. We started playing UNO with our youngest when he was 3, now at 5 he is a pro and will often win a game.

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