Monday, 23 May 2016

Celebrate International Turtle Day with LOGO

Turtles, as well as being endangered species, are also programmable floor robots for kids. So it makes sense for us to celebrate International Turtle Day here at Tech Age Kids. Recently my 7 year old explored LOGO on Turtle Academy to make cool shapes and patterns on the computer.

The LOGO language makes it really fun and accessible to learn about programming. The visual aspect of LOGO provides quick rewards making it perfect for young kids and beginner coders. It's also great for learning about turning in degrees and right and left turns. My son loved the fact he was drawing his shapes using a virtual Turtle.

My 7 year old was introduced to LOGO in the How to Code series of books by Max Max Wainewright. The book directs you to create a free account on Turtle Academy and follow a set of tutorials to get started. He managed to work through the tutorials independently. Find other books to teach young kids coding skills.

Interestingly you can also use Scratch to programme in a LOGO style. My son made a pretty neat "pattern maker" for his Scratch project at Coder Dojo on World Scratch Day.

You can support the work of American Tortoise Rescue today on International Turtle Day. "We launched World Turtle Day to increase respect and knowledge for the world’s oldest creatures," says Susan Tellem founder of ATR.

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