Thursday, 5 May 2016

AZR-0 are Robots in the Wild

Curio & Co have launched their Kickstarter campaign with book about a scientist studying feral robots on a distant planet. AZR-0: Robots in the Wild is filled with cute illustrations but the main character is a serious scientist on a quest to learn more about these adorable robots.

The book isn't specifically written for kids, but will be 100% kid friendly. Themes of communication, loneliness, frustration and especially curiosity makes AZR-0: Robots in the Wild a perfect bedtime story for geeky families to share.

The story is based on the daily journal entries of a scientist, so lends itself to discussion points which can jump out of the story and into real life. We love the style of the book, with adorable illustrations and hand-written journal entries.

Curio & Co have created other pop culture collectibles like the Eisner-nominated Finding Frank and His Friend – a mockumentary book about a comic-strip artist who never existed – as well as a user’s manual for the operation and maintenance of the Gadabout TM 1050 Time Machine.

Backing the project, will actually get your name added to the AZR-0 Table of Elements. But be quick as the space for the table is limited, and once all the elements have been ‘discovered’ no more can be added. Click here to back AZR-0: Robots in the Wild on Kickstarter.

Image Credit: Curio & Co

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