Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Adaptoys: Tech Brings Back Play for Families Living with Paralysis

Adaptoys is using technology to bring back the power of play to people living with paralysis. They make adaptive toys using voice activation, motion sensors and sip-and-puff (SNP) assistive technology to help families play together. Toys like, a remote control car powered by a headset which allows the user to accelerate by blow or reverse by sucking in through a straw and, a voice controlled pitching machine, are enhancing families lives all over America.

Now the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, partnership with advertising agency 360i and technology company Axios, have launched a crowdfunding campaign for Adaptoys to help make adapted versions of popular toys that allow more people with physical disabilities to experience the joy of actively playing with their families.

"Technology has been such a powerful force for individuals with disabilities. However, there is a void when it comes to technology and accessible toys," said Peter Wilderotter, President and CEO, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. "Adaptoys will help eliminate inequality by reimagining playtime for parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles or aunts who are living with paralysis. We are excited to partner with 360i on this innovative campaign to ignite a global conversation and share these life-changing toys with more families."

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Source: Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

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