Friday, 13 May 2016

5 Cute Cardboard Craft Ideas with a Tech Theme

This week's Tech Age Kids Project Picks include 5 cute cardboard craft activities with a techie or digital theme for little kids.

(At Tech Age Kids, we've searched the web universe for projects made by other creatives you can try at home with the kids. We also make our own projects, but celebrate other amazing makers in our top project picks posts.)

Cute Cardboard Craft Activities for Little Kids

BMO Video Gaming Device Money Box by Red Ted Art

BMO is a living handheld gaming device from Adventure Time TV show. Red Ted Art uses BMO as inspiration to make a money box made from a mini cereal box.

Visit Red Ted Art for instructions to make it.

Recycled Cardboard TV Device by hello, Wonderful

Make a super cute TV by hello, Wonderful, using a cereal box and kitchen towel rolls to show off your little one's artwork.

Find a step-by-step guide to make your own DIY recycled cardboard TV.

Cardboard Mobile Phone / Cell Phone by My Kid Craft

Kids are fascinated by parent's phones, so making a quick cardboard one, they can use during play is a great idea. We love the use of real craft buttons on My Kid Craft 's Mobile Phone project.

Paper Computer Keyboard by Hello Ruby

Growing up my eldest loved making his own laptop out of cardboard and paper. We love Hello Ruby's paper keyboard activity with free printable. Build your own keyboard and learn about letters, numbers and symbols too.

Egg Carton Computer by Kiwi Crate

Turn your egg cartons into laptops for the kids. The egg carton computer by Kiwi Crate, is a simple craft, little kids can easily make with a little help.

Visit Kiwi Crate for full instructions and materials to make one with the kids.

Note: Projects in this post are by others, and we are not paid to link to them. Our top pick project are ones we find on the web which we believe will be fab for you to make at home.

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